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Best IVF Centre in South Delhi

Welcome to Mother Divine Fertility, the best IVF Centre in South Delhi, dedicated to addressing multiple infertility problems. With over a decade of service, our center has been instrumental in bringing joy to the lives of over 10,000 families through the birth of their precious babies. Our unwavering commitment is to fulfill the dreams of every couple by providing them with the opportunity to have at least one child.

At Mother Divine Fertility, we take immense pride in offering top-notch medical facilities that meet international standards. Our state-of-the-art fertility center is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and advanced laboratories, ensuring the highest level of medical care for our patients. We believe that every individual deserves the best possible chance to experience the joys of parenthood, and we are here to support and guide you through your journey to conception.

Mother Divine Fertility stands out as the leading fertility treatment destination and holds the esteemed title of being the foremost IVF Centre in South Delhi. Over the years, we have proudly assisted countless local and international couples and individuals in their journey towards parenthood. Our unwavering commitment lies in delving deep into the underlying causes of infertility for each patient before devising a personalized treatment approach. By doing so, we ensure that our treatments are not only effective but also affordable, catering to the unique needs of every individual.

Our team is dedicated to providing tertiary-level patient care and support in reproductive health. Foremost, we have an ethical and transparent approach to providing healthcare services.

IVF Treatment at Mother Divine Fertility in South Delhi:-

A standard IVF cycle typically involves the following stages:

Diagnosis and Screening:

1.Assessment of Uterine and Ovarian reserve through baseline bloodwork and ultrasound.
2.Screening for Infectious Diseases such as HIV, AIDS, and TB.
3.Semen analysis (spirogram or seminogram) for male partners.

Once your infertility diagnosis is established, our team of fertility specialists will design a personalized IVF program tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Step-by-step IVF Cycle:-

In the process of assisted reproductive technology (ART) for infertility treatment, various steps are involved to increase the chances of success. These steps include personalized IVF protocols for ovulation induction, egg collection (aspiration), and sperm collection or aspiration (TESA/PESA). After collecting the eggs and sperm, they undergo a thorough wash-up and concentration process to ensure the selection of healthy gametes. The fertilization of the eggs takes place in the controlled environment of the IVF laboratory.

As the embryos develop, their morphology is closely monitored to determine their quality. Once the embryos reach an optimal stage, they are ready for transfer into the uterus. This embryo transfer procedure is a critical step in the process. Pregnancy tests are conducted approximately two weeks after the embryo transfer, using both blood tests and ultrasound, to determine the success of the procedure.

To further increase the success rate of ART, complementary techniques can be employed. These techniques include Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS), Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), Blastocyst transfer, and Laser-assisted hatching. Each of these additional approaches aims to enhance the chances of successful implantation and pregnancy, offering potential solutions to couples facing fertility challenges.

Who are the ideal candidates for fertility assistance at our clinic?

There are various situations in which individuals or couples may seek assistance to conceive. These include couples who have been trying to conceive for more than a year without success, women with conditions such as PCOS or other ovulatory disorders, as well as those with endometriosis and uterine fibroids. Additionally, older women attempting pregnancy may also require support. Individuals or couples using donor eggs or sperm may encounter challenges in conceiving, and men with abnormal sperm parameters or erectile dysfunction may seek help in their journey towards parenthood.

Furthermore, there are cases where couples desire to have genetically healthy children due to genetic disorders or diseases in their families. Couples who have experienced failure in previous IVF cycles or those who have faced the heartache of recurrent miscarriages may also seek specialized assistance to achieve a successful pregnancy. In such situations, seeking guidance and support from fertility experts can offer hope and options to fulfill the dream of having a child.

The success rate of IVF treatment:-

best ivf centre in delhi ncr

The success rate of IVF treatment worldwide generally falls within the range of 35-45%. However, at our fertility center, we have achieved a significantly higher success rate of approximately 40-58%, surpassing the average success rate in India. While some clinics may claim success rates as high as 80-90%, it is crucial to be realistic about such claims. The success of IVF treatment is influenced by various factors, including the patient's age, underlying infertility issues, and the expertise of the fertility specialists involved.

Indeed, these factors make the success rate an indefinite variable. Nevertheless, our team, led by Dr. Priyanka Gupta, possesses exceptional skills and expertise in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs). It is through this proficiency that we proudly achieve such a remarkable success rate for IVF treatments.

IVF Treatment Cost:-

The IVF treatment cost at our clinic is significantly lower compared to other clinics offering IVF self-cycle. The cost varies depending on the patient's infertility factors. For instance, if IUI proves effective for you, it will be a more economical option compared to IVF. However, if you require IVF with ICSI, there will be an additional cost for the ICSI procedure.

At Mother Divine Fertility, we provide various fertility treatment packages tailored to address different infertility issues. Our commitment to transparency means we have excluded any hidden charges from our fee structure. It is important to note that the package does not cover the expenses of medications and blood tests. However, the consultation fee and ultrasound charges are included in the package.

Team at International Fertility Centre:-

Dr. Priyanka Gupta, an experienced Gynecologist and Obstetrician with over 20 years of practice, is the driving force behind Mother Divine Fertility (MDF) in Delhi, India. With more than three decades of dedicated work in fertility care, she has established MDF as a center of excellence with an exceptional success rate for IVF treatment.

Beyond her impressive academic credentials, Dr. Gupta has received extensive training in fertility and women's health. Her vast professional experience encompasses various ART treatments, making her a well-rounded expert in the field. Committed to providing comprehensive care, she has assembled a team of skilled fertility experts, embryologists, and nurses to cater to the needs of infertile couples.

Dr. Priyanka Gupta's unwavering passion for helping infertile couples achieve their dreams of parenthood has been the cornerstone of MDF's success story. With her expertise and compassionate approach, she continues to make a positive impact on the lives of countless patients.

Fertility Treatments at MDF:-

Mother Divine Fertility offers a comprehensive range of reproductive and fertility care, all conveniently available at a single center. Our services encompass a wide spectrum of Obstetrics and Gynecology Consultation, providing expert guidance and support throughout the process.

Our fertility treatments include:

1.Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
2.In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
3.Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
4.Blastocyst Culture
6.Preimplantation Genetic Screening or Diagnosis (PGS and PGD)
7.Laser-Assisted Hatching

We also offer specialized treatments for specific conditions, such as Ovulatory Disorder Treatment and Varicocele Treatment.

To ensure the best possible outcomes, we provide advanced techniques like Cryopreservation or Freezing for preserving reproductive cells.

Additionally, for individuals considering egg donation, our Egg Donor Program offers a thoughtful and caring approach.

Lastly, we cater to the growing interest in Cosmetic Gynecology, providing services to enhance and restore confidence and well-being.

At MDF, we are dedicated to helping individuals and couples achieve their dreams of building a family, offering state-of-the-art facilities and a compassionate team of experts to guide you through every step of the journey.

If you have any questions regarding IVF or fertility treatments, please do not hesitate to reach out to us or visit our Center in Greater Kailash, South Delhi.

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