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IMSI IVF Treatment

IMSI IVF Treatment:

Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) is a selection process of healthy and structurally normal sperm to perform ICSI IVF. In other words, in IMSI IVF treatment the sperm is first checked for structure and shape before injecting it into an egg during an ICSI IVF process. It is performed in cases where the male partner has several abnormally shaped sperms that are not fit for fertilization.

How is IMSI IVF different from ICSI IVF?

IMSI IVF is just an additional step before performing ICSI IVF. In ICSI IVF, one sperm is injected into the egg to initiate fertilization in oligospermia males (low sperm count).

In which cases, IMSI IVF is performed?

  • Failed attempts of ICSI IVF
  • Male partner having shape abnormality in the sperms
  • Failed fertilization attempts

How does IMSI IVF exclude abnormal sperms?

During IMSI (intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection) a sperm is tested by using a high-powered digital microscope. This microscope can enlarge the sperm image up to 6000-8000 times thereby allowing the fertility specialists to examine the sperm meticulously for any shape and size abnormalities and choose the best sperm for the fertilization process in ICSI IVF.

What are the benefits of IMSI Fertility Treatment in India?

  • High chances of successful implantation
  • Abnormal sperms can be easily excluded
  • Lesser chances of miscarriage and failure of ICSI
  • IMSI IVF fertility procedure allows the males with low and abnormal-shaped sperms to make their partner pregnant and have healthy babies.

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