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Donor IVF Programme

Donor IVF Programme or Sperm Programme is for those couples where the female partner is unable to release healthy eggs for fertilization. In this procedure, healthy eggs are taken from a donor and the sperm are taken from the male partner. These eggs are then fertilized with sperm to produce embryos. These embryos are later implanted in the female partner’s womb to achieve pregnancy

Who qualifies as an egg donor for IVF?

Age should be less than 32 years
The female must be free from any infections or diseases
The egg donor must not have a history of miscarriage
Eggs must be healthy and free from any abnormalities
Donor female must not have any inherited or genetic disorder

Who can benefit from the Donor IVF procedure?

Females having a low ovarian reserve
Patients with poor quality eggs
Menopausal women who want to conceive
History of implant failure due to poor quality eggs
Women having no ovulation

What is the process of Donor Programme at Mother Divine Fertility in Delhi?

First of all the recipient mother’s womb (uterus) is prepared for pregnancy. Various medicines and injections are provided for the same.
Later, sperm from the recipient’s husband are collected and they are fertilized with the donated eggs of a fertile woman in the laboratory.
The embryos formed are then implanted in the recipient mother’s uterus.
About 15 days later, a pregnancy test is asked to be taken in order to confirm the pregnancy.
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