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Preserving your fertility

Preserving your fertility

Gametes or embryos can be frozen to help you start a family in the future. All of them may not be ready to have a baby right now, but they all want one in the future. This could be due to medical reasons, professional advancement, financial circumstances, or the fact that you haven’t found the appropriate spouse yet. Throughout the procedure, our fertility professionals work directly with you.

Process of egg freezing

The procedure is identical to that of IVF. It’s a three-step procedure that includes:

  • Stimulation of the Ovaries
  • Collection of Eggs
  • Freezing Eggs

The technique of egg freezing is absolutely safe, and the cost is determined by the quantity of eggs preserved. It differs from one person to the next.

Egg freezing

Egg freezing is one of the most effective techniques for women to protect their fertility. This allows them to choose when to conceive while also allowing them to freeze their eggs while they are still young. It is still possible to freeze and conceive naturally.
Women’s fertility scores fall as they become older, implying that their chances of naturally conceiving diminish as well. Every woman is born with a set quantity of eggs, which decreases as she gets older. With this scientific progress, there is a considerable probability of conceiving a kid.

Sperm Freezing

Freezing is recommended for men who have a low sperm count or are going to undergo reproductive organ surgery. If the couple is going through an IUI or IVF cycle and the husband will be unable to provide fresh sperm samples to the lab due to travel, freezing is a possibility.
Freezing sperm is a lifesaver for males suffering from medical conditions such as cancer. Cancer treatment has an impact on the reproductive organ, which can lead to infertility. As a result, it’s best to decide on freezing after consulting with your treating oncologist and fertility specialist, who can advise you on the best course of action.
In contrast to females, sperm freezing is a simple procedure. For at least 2 days and no more than 7 days before the sample collection, the man must refrain from having an intercourse or having an ejaculate.
Because the sample must be sent to the andrologist within an hour of collection, it is recommended that they schedule an appointment with the centre so that the sample collection room is unavailable. The laboratory will give a labelled container so that they can be processed and frozen.
The cost of freezing can be discussed with a financial counsellor at the clinic.
Sperm Freezing
Sperm Freezing
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