Best IVF Centre in Varanasi

Best IVF Centre in Varanasi


Presently established as a highly acclaimed IVF Centre in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Mother Divine Fertility Varanasi employs advanced IVF methodologies and individualized treatment strategies, maximizing your prospects of achieving parenthood. Our dedicated team of skilled clinical and administrative professionals is fully committed to your triumph. In line with our dedication to innovation, we extend nationwide opportunities for clinical trials to our patients, potentially reducing expenses and amplifying the likelihood of success.

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In vitro fertilization (IVF) stands as a pivotal assisted reproductive technology (ART) that has facilitated the realization of countless couples' dreams of expanding their families since its inaugural implementation in 1978. This intricate procedure entails the extraction of eggs from a woman's body, subsequently fertilizing them with fresh or cryopreserved donor sperm within an embryology laboratory. Following embryo cultivation, they are re-implanted into the uterus to facilitate the attainment of pregnancy.

Is IVF right for you?

IVF stands as a highly efficacious fertility procedure with the potential to assist numerous individuals and couples in their pursuit of parenthood. For those confronted with any of the outlined concerns listed below, this approach could be a viable consideration:

1.Challenges related to uterine fibroids or ovulation irregularities.
2.Tubal complications, such as blockages or impairments.
3.Prior tubal sterilization or hair removal.
4.Infertility linked to male factors impacting sperm count or quality.
5.Instances of genetic disorders.
6.Unexplained infertility cases.
7.Fertility preservation objectives.

The IVF Process:-

The Mother Divine Fertility Centre specializes in personalized treatment plans designed to cater to your specific needs and aspirations. Our comprehensive IVF procedure encompasses the following stages:

Cycle Preparation: Patients are administered birth control medication for a month to synchronize their cycle timing.

Ovarian Stimulation: Hormone injections are administered to induce follicle growth and enhance egg production. Close monitoring occurs over a span of 8-14 days. When hormone levels reach the optimal threshold, a trigger shot (HCG) is administered to initiate the final phase of egg maturation.

Egg Retrieval: Conducted the day subsequent to the trigger shot, this procedure involves the gentle insertion of a slender tube through the uterus, guided by ultrasound technology, to retrieve eggs. The process is carried out within our cutting-edge clinic.

Sperm Processing: Both fresh and frozen sperm options are available. Utilizing advanced laboratory techniques, we ensure the retrieval of the highest quality sperm for successful fertilization.

Egg Fertilization: Our proficient embryology laboratory facilitates egg fertilization through conventional dish-based methods or via direct sperm injection (intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection or ICSI).

Embryo Development & Selection: Vigilant monitoring of embryo development over 5 days culminates in the selection of the most viable blastocysts for transfer. For those who opt, Preimplantation Genetic Transfer is performed at this juncture. Unused embryos can be cryopreserved for future utilization.

Embryo Transfer: A swift and minimally discomforting procedure that can be carried out on-site at our clinic. Anesthesia is generally unnecessary for most patients.

Final Phases: A pregnancy test is scheduled between 10 to 12 days post-transfer. Subsequently, expectant patients will be arranged for a follow-up visit. Those who face challenges in conception or experience IVF setbacks will be guided through the next steps of their journey. We will meticulously assess your cycle and engage in comprehensive discussions regarding available choices.

Additional Services:-

You have the flexibility to incorporate additional services into your IVF cycle, tailored to your treatment plan and diagnosis. These options encompass Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), enhancing fertilization, and Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT). Taking into account your unique preferences and requirements, our team of fertility experts will guide you in determining the suitability of these choices.

Mother Divine Fertility offers micro/mini IVF packages:-

An adapted variant of IVF, known as micro (or mini) IVF, involves utilizing a milder medication stimulation approach. This approach offers patients a more promising alternative compared to IUI and ICSI, while also reducing medication expenses. While the modified protocol may result in a lower number of eggs retrieved compared to standard IVF cycles, seeking physician approval is imperative for undergoing this particular treatment method.

The IVF process with donor eggs:-

Mother Divine Fertility presents a donor egg IVF procedure tailored to expedite the journey to parenthood, while also guaranteeing an exceptional experience and top-tier care for all parties. A dedicated member of our reproductive team will oversee the entire process, encompassing financial, logistical, and clinical intricacies. Comprehensive analysis of your medical background and a thorough assessment of pertinent information from prior cycles will also be conducted.

IUI at Mother Divine Fertility Center:-

The Mother Divine Fertility Centre is dedicated to catering to the unique needs of every patient, guiding you towards your journey to parenthood. Our goal is to help you comprehend the underlying causes of your infertility and collaboratively determine the suitability of IUI as a potential solution. Our proficient and committed clinicians will provide invaluable support in designing a personalized treatment strategy, aimed at optimizing your prospects of achieving success. With a wealth of experience, our fertility specialists are well-equipped to carry out IUI procedures. During your initial consultation, we eagerly anticipate sharing our clinical success rates, providing you with insights into our track record. Throughout the process, our medical team remains at your disposal 24/7, ensuring comprehensive assistance.

For same-sex couples, the involvement of a donor egg and gestational surrogate becomes essential. The preliminary stage of surrogacy entails the identification of a suitable carrier. You have the option to collaborate with a known individual or participate in a surrogacy program. Following the selection of a surrogate, embryos are formed through IVF cycles utilizing donor eggs, and this may include sperm from your partner. Regardless of the path you decide to embark upon, it is imperative that all parties are well-versed in the legal and medical prerequisites.

Fertility Preservation and Egg Freezing by Mother Divine Fertility:-

The Mother Divine Fertility acknowledges the diverse factors that may lead patients to consider preserving their fertility. Situations such as career or education pursuits, as well as health challenges, could necessitate the need for fertility preservation. While the irreversible decline in fertility with age remains a reality, proactive measures like egg cryopreservation offer the opportunity to safeguard reproductive potential until the appropriate time for conception arises. Although outcomes cannot be guaranteed, the practice of preserving eggs through cryopreservation can notably enhance prospects for successful conception in the future.

IVF Success Rates at Mother Divine Fertility:-

It is worth noting that natural conception holds a success rate of only 40 percent for a healthy woman aged 30 years. In contrast, the national average for IVF success rates stands at approximately 60%. These percentages are influenced by variables such as patient age, underlying diagnoses, the quantity of embryos transferred, and additional relevant factors. Fertility World boasts a commendable history of empowering patients to realize their desired family aspirations. Spearheaded by our distinguished reproductive endocrinologists, the nation's most reputable 50-60% fertility programs are administered under our guidance. We are committed to guiding you in comprehending the reasons underpinning your infertility, thereby formulating an optimized treatment strategy that heightens the likelihood of achieving your goals.

In the realm of in vitro fertilization, an average success rate of 80.8% prevails. Mother Divine Fertility is the best IVF Centre in Varanasi takes immense pride in achieving a notable 73.1% live birth rate per embryo. We offer a guaranteed path to IVF success at a budget-friendly cost, ranging from Rs.1.2 lakhs to Rs.2.5 lakhs, contingent on your unique fertility circumstances.

Feel free to reach out to us to explore cutting-edge IVF treatment options.

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